Okay, here's the status of the MnH project. Right now, MnH09 is in asagao's hands (the TLC from m.3.3.w). I'll probably get the script back from him on May 9 or 10. I've also just had a chat with Ramsus this afternoon, whom I am to believe is Himmel's leader/editor. I've personally never seen any of their work, but he says he's good. He's planning to release their own version of MnH09 soon (like today or tomorrow), so I'll take a look ^_^. I'm shooting for our release in the 17, the day before my summer class starts T_T.

akubi, the person who's supposed to give us god-like translations, hasn't replied to me yet. So I just may release without her work...

Encodes for ep 09 and 10 are already done. I'll ask checkers if he wants to continue. Though, I'm not sure if he'll accept as I've left the group >.>;.

Even though Norikumi said that they'll be doing BD release of the series, I won't be joining them. I don't like the quirks they make, their subbing style, and their typesetting. And I've got no control over those as they only want me to work as the translator. And that is quite a problem as I am not a translator. I tried clearing this up on their website, but my comment was just censored. Blackguard, their leader and main editor, is also so hard to catch on IRC, since he lives in United Arab Emirates, that I've given up waiting for any reply in their room. A group who doesn't take this series seriously, I wouldn't want to work with such. (Firefox, where my cookies is still in tact) (Opera, what you see is what everyone see)

I've talked to THORA about MnH + BD. They told me that they've got so many projects still need to finish, and the price being a little high on the boxset, that they'll consider it after they're free from work. Himmel is also interested in BD; though, I'm not sure if it's definite. So who'll have the rebatch fixes is still in the clouds.

I want Japanese subs from ep 01-13, so I or we could fix the scripts. Whichever group or whoever can provide such feat will have the fixed scripts.

I just may ask donations on MnH09 release day. Around $168 USD w/o shipping for the boxset. And I don't have a Blu-Ray drive which will cost another $170 :/ If I could get a hold of a translator residing in Japan, who also have a BD drive, then I'll just send the money to him/her. If I do happen to get a hold of the subs before I could get the boxset, I just may get the Kyogokudou live action movies and try to have those translated.

Kyougokudou 1 (Ubume no Natsu):
Kyougokudou 2 (The Shadow Spirit):

ZephyrRz, MnH translator ep 06-09, will be free on May 20th. She MAY be able to help with the project. Hopefully, she could help me strip out CCs from raws.

That's my MnH report.

[update]: I'm going for ep 11-13 DVD ($36USD w/o shipping).

  • Fixed scripts will be open under a certain group yet to be developed.
  • checkers is interested encoding the rest and perhaps the rebatch of the series.
  • blackguard is not from UAE but from Romania, according to one of their members.

[update 04/05/09]:

  • My comment was carelessly missed, not censored.
  • The group does take this series seriously, just not in me.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
We did this last December, but nobody really cared about it. I egged about its progress multiple times, but there's this certain someone who kept delaying it like he did with the Akane, GrZ, and Tora releases. I tried again a couple of weeks ago asking one of the leaders, who's active in the chan more than I am, to have KH typeset.  And he was like, "What? What's KH?"

Days flew by and he never said a word after. So here, KH:BBS.



Goodbye Aero

As of now, I am officially not an Aero member anymore.

However, I still plan to release JSM under Aero's name coz it just sucks having a different group name in your list of files for the very same series. Yes, I'm picking up JSM. As to why not work under the same group, there's too many reasons to write. I'm just glad that I won't be cleaning up mess that shouldn't be there in the first place and having to go through unnecessary stuff anymore. 

Here's the leak/much awaited Akane:


I'm also picking up MnH. I am currently thinking of what's the best path to take... Dijkstra's is definitely not the answer.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - 君という花 (The Flower Called “You”)
I would have gone with Siren or Siren #2 coz Zephy's already translated them, but I chose Kimi To Iu Hana for a presentation for my Japanese Conversation class. I looked at various translations for this song online and liked none of them. So I did my own >.>;

If you're wondering what the song means, I think the message is, "we've f*ed up. Try not to follow our mistakes," or something like that...










つまりただそれ っただけ












※つまりただそれ っただけ

つまりただそれ 風にっただけ










君という花 またかすよ※






By an obvious form of despair,

The pumping heart went into a loop

Without a care, for some reason, moving forward

On a still story.

We’re always losing something.

Each time that happens, we realize.

Without a meaning, for some reason, moving forward

On a still story.

It just means that   we’ve only been smashed up



By the transparency of our desire,

The fading heart went into a loop

Without a care, for some reason, continuing onward

On a still story.

As time passes by, having lost something,

The real self hidden within me is revealed.

Without a meaning, for some reason, continuing onward

On a still story.


It just means that   we’ve only been smashed up

It just means that   we’ve only fluttered through the wind.


In your eyes, a mere flash trickles down

Yes, a thunderbolt out of clear blue sky

If it’s just pain, then we’ll divide it in half. Now, that’s

Our color.

Until my white breath runs out,

I dashed through that street quickly.

On the summit of the hill visible from the street,

A flower called “you” blossomed.  You’re still blossoming.



In color that fits you the best.


Hello Hello

Hello, my name is thugangel. I'm an ex/former/semi aerosubs member.

I like... *nosebleeds*. 


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