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Cursed Angel
Yep, I really am cursed... What I had planned to be a speedsub, turned out to be of a higher grade. And the price I had to pay was my entire Winter break, my health, other people's patience, and more delays. But I'm not the only one who's guilty of wanting something better >.>;.

In the process of getting better quality, I learned a lot of new techniques and met new people. I also learned a little about their life.

Learning more about subbing, I learned that I'm not fit for this job. I also learned that one can't see how much effort another has put into something, but only the result of it.

Even knowing I'm not fit for the job, I will try another attempt to bring an archival release of Mouryou no Hako ep 01-14. I don't want to make another promise :x, but I will try! I hope people will enjoy Dekiagari's ep 13 release.

Oh, and I also learned more about toorimono, and that internet is such a scary thing.

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Now, I don't speak much japanese...

...and I definitely can't read or write it but where did you learn how to sub files? I tried altering a subfile once but that's about as much experience as I got, it didn't go too well. :-(

Re: Now, I don't speak much japanese...

I was in a subbing group and you basically see what's going on there, lol. Did you use aegisub?

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