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I Really Am Cursed

I got back from one of the people I am working with, and the DVD he rented didn't have a subtitle track nor a menu! So I'll have to go back and take a crack at the .TS files :x.

I've got someone who would translate the rest of the series, varklore. He would be only translating an ep every four weeks or so, though, as he's got to work on his research thesis. Well, the time frame doesn't really matter as I still can't get a hold of the rest of the Japanese scripts, anyway >.>;

MnH09 is basically done. I don't think it even needs a QC, but I've given it to MasterCJ to quality check it. He hasn't replied back to me yet, though. I'll give him a poke maybe in a couple of days and perhaps find another person who would the job.

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Mouryou no Hako BluRay files have been posted:

There is also in the batch a 14th episode special included.

Ah, yeah. I saw that. It's up to checkers for the encodes. We'll stick to the 720p releases and while there'll be very little notable difference between the BD and the .ts, we'll most likely just stick to .ts.

Just wait for norikumi's for BD experience, lol.

Yes, 720p is more then big enough for me, but I remembered seeing you wanted to buy the the BD release. Perhaps you should see if these rips include the Japanese subs in them.

I read one of the reviews on and it said that the only drawback is the lack of subtitles. I talked to Yousei when he was releasing those BD batches that he grabbed off Share, and that just confirms it.

I'm cursedddd!

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